Trumpet Silhouette - Watercolor

Trumpet Silhouette - Watercolor

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Take a look at this Trumpet Silhouette - Watercolor design! InspiredPosters offers a collection of unique printed designs you won't find anywhere else. This unique image was creatively designed and printed in-house using UV Printing, a printing process where the ink is cured by UV rays to produce sharp & vivid images with a high degree of color accuracy.

Our posters differ from typical posters because they are printed on thicker paper, resulting in a high-quality finish. Available as an 8x10, 18x24 or 24x36 print.

Our decorative box signs are designed to sit on a flat surface and are made from high-quality wood. Available in a 4x5.5 size.

Poster prints will be rolled and enclosed in a secure cardboard enclosure to make sure they arrive in top condition ready to frame (mat and frame are not included). Boxes are shipped SEPERATELY!